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Michael Craig


A graduate of Hillsdale College and Hillsdale Academy, Michael believes his classical education is the backbone of the Good in his life. When he considered the best way to serve the world as an entrepreneur, he remembered the first big decision he made in his life: where to go to college.

“I didn’t want to go to Hillsdale College for most of my life, but it was the best thing that could have happened. My amazing life today is a result of going to Hillsdale and I wanted to help students take the right step forward in any way I could.”

After hearing about the Classic Learning Test, Michael discussed it with his mentor, Scott Rozell. They quickly decided to act on their shared passion for Classical Education and become the first test prep company that focuses solely on the CLT.

Scott Rozell


In 2010, Scott founded 240 Tutoring- a company that helps teachers pass their certification tests. And for the past 13 years, Scott’s life has been dedicated to helping test-takers pass their exams. From the AP US History test to over 450 teacher certification exams, Scott has built companies that help test-takers prepare and pass their exams with confidence.

Scott’s passion for classical education extends to his time at Hillsdale College (Class of ’09). Scott and his wife Lacey have both homeschooled their children and enrolled them in classical schools in Connecticut and Texas. Scott believes helping students succeed on the CLT and be better prepared for college is one of the most important steps in students getting the full value out of their classical education.

Guarantee a higher CLT score and study with confidence… Here is what clients say about Michael’s tutoring.

Growth and Confidence

For me, I think the greatest benefit was that I saw [my son] grow immensely in his confidence before he took the test. As he gained skills and improved his practice test scores, his anxiety level went down, and he was truly ready to take the test

– Brock Lutz

Much Higher Score!

Nathan scored much higher than expected on his test! I’m really pleased because his score was a big jump from the converted SAT score. Thank you Michael!

– Amanda Gawling